Revenue S – a great stallion apportunity for Norway

by Paul F. Spears 14/2/2012

Photo by Monica Thors

Revenue S 8, 1:51.3 ($1,998,608) (Reve D’Udon – Hazel Sund) will stand service in Norway for the 2012 breeding season for a booking fee of 3000kr and 22,000 kr live foal fee. Winner of 47 lifetime races mainly in Europe, Revenue S made four starts in North America in 2004, taking his record in the $208,000 Allerage Trot in Lexington. I personally remember his dominating 26.3 second final quarter to win the $300,000 Nat Ray Trot in 1:53 at the Meadowlands, the same day that Windsong’s Legacy won the Hambletonian.

Soon thereafter, Revenue S began his stallion career at Perretti Farms in New Jersey. Through 2010, Revenue S sired 328 USTA-registered foals. US racing statistics are available for his foals through 2008. Of 267 US foals of racing age, 161 (62.5%) were starters, 73 (27.3%) in 2:00, 11 (4.1%) in 1:55, with total earnings of $7,872,307. His top two US performers have been the Trond Smedshammer- trained Break The Bank K 3, 1:51.3 ($1,011,365), and the Jonas Czernyson-trained Hot Shot Blue Chip 5, 1:51.3 ($791,987).

My personal mares produced three foals by Revenue S during his US stallion career. Sir Winston 4, 1:53.2 ($252,367) is listed among his sire’s “Top 10” US performers (#4 by record, #6 by earnings). Out of a half sister to double World Champion Queen Serene, Sir Winston is racing in Conditioned classes at Woodbine/Mohawk in Ontario. He was a great looking yearling. Candy Is Dandy 4, 1:57.3f ($26,676) was out of Dandy Hanover, a full sister to Davidia Hanover. Last year at 4, Candy Is Dandy was winning in Open classes at the Running Aces track in Minnesota. The third foal was Let’s Boogie, a chestnut filly that was exported to Russia, out of Lady Windsong of the Classic Casette family.

Let’s look at Revenue S’s best US performers. His American maternal family makes it far easier to “match” US bloodlines than many other French-American stallions. Revenue S is from the immediate maternal family of Speedy Scot, and his tail female line traces to Expressive (1891).  The pedigrees of his granddam Rare Chance and dam Hazel Sund are fine examples of progressive inbreeding, which then was completely outcrossed to the French stallion Reve D’Udon to produce Revenue S. Here is the pedigree of Rare Chance:

As you can see, Rare Chance is the product of a line breeding plan that matched Volomite, Dean Hanover,  Scotland, and Peter The Great. The 4×4 line breeding cross to Dean Hanover is in the powerful X position. The Inbreeding Co-efficient of Rare Chance is 8%.

Mated with Sugarcane Hanover, Rare Chance produced Hazel Sund, the dam of Revenue S. Here is the pedigree of Hazel Sund:

The mating features a 4×2 full sibling cross – Speedy Scot and Rare Scotch, dam of Rare Chance. The first three maternal sire lines of Sugarcane Hanover (Star’s Pride, Hoot Mon, and Dean Hanover) are linebred in Rare Chance. The 5x5x5 line breedings to Dean Hanover are all in X position, as is the 4×4 line breeding to Hoot Mon. As a result of these close matings, the Inbreeding Co-efficient for Hazel Sund rises to 12.5%.

Hazel Sund’s repeatedly inbred pedigree called for an outcross mating, and there was no greater outcross than a French stallion. Her mating with Reve D’Udon produced Revenue S, with only a 0.4% In-breeding Co-efficient. Revenue S is therefore another successful example of the mating of a repeatedly inbred mare with an outcross stallion. We can now look at the pedigree of Revenue S, to predict what kind of mares might be successful with him:

Revenue S’s first three maternal sire lines are Arnie Almahurst/Speedster, Nevele Pride/Star’s Pride, and Speedster. Broodmares that bring those lines back to him, with Dean Hanover maternally as a bonus, might be especially successful. With his inbreeding relationships to Speedy Scot, double Speedy Crown mares should do well with him too.

Let us look at his top 10 best US performers, and check their pedigrees:

Horse                                Maternal 3. generation sires (sire lines)  

Break The Bank K             American Winner (Star’s Pride)/(Speedy Crown)/Florida Pro (Arnie Almahurst)
Hot Shot Blue Chip           Muscles Yankee (Speedy Crown)/(Speedy Crown)/Texas (Star’s Pride)
Whiskey Tax                       Muscles Yankee(Speedy Crown)/(Speedy Crown)/Bonefish (Star’s Pride)
Reven Damour                  Super Arnie (Star’s Pride)/French/(Speedy Scot)
Pricevalleyrevitup            Bonefish (Star’s Pride)/Speedy Crown/Hoot Mon
Sir Winston                         Mr Vic (Speedy Crown)/Sierra Kosmos/Speedy Crown
Keystone Thomas            Lindy Lane (Speedy Crown)/Joie de Vie (Star’s Pride)/Speedy Crown
Tall Cotton                          Balanced Image (Noble Victory)/Dream of Glory (Speedster)/Lumber Boy
Bastille                                  Cumin (Star’s Pride)/(Speedy Crown)/Flash Ex Hanover (Volomite)
Fool’s Revenue                 Armbro Goal (Speedy Crown)/Tuneful Contest (Noble Victory)/Caper (Hoot Mon)

Note that the dams of most of Revenue’s best performers have Speedy Crown/Star’s Pride combinations (in either order) within their first three sire lines, or two lines of Speedy Crown often reinforced by a third Star’s Pride line. Outliers on the list are Tall Cotton and Fool’s Revenue. The pedigree of Reven Damour would suggest fine opportunities with mares by Super Arnie and Express Ride, both of which have Arnie Almahurst dams. Mares by Dream Vacation, Enjoy Lavec, Gunslinger Spur, and Pine Chip would also bring the Arnie Almahurst line back to Revenue S. Mares by Speedy Tomali would present line breeding opportunities with Star’s Pride, Hoot Mon, and Dean Hanover farther back in the pedigree of Revenue S. Mares by Armbro Kissed would give a very interesting but close 3×3 linebreeding to the full siblings Sugarcane Hanover and Sunkissed, dam of Armbro Kissed. You can see that Revenue S is open to breeding opportunities from a very broad selection of broodmare sires!

Revenue S is 161 cm. in height, and 165 cm. in length, with very good conformation and beautiful head. He is a sire best suited for Europe in many ways. His maternal family matches best with prominent European broodmare sires, and European racing programs will give his foals time to develop their natural abilities.